6 Celebrity Impressions (of Other Celebs)

There are few things The Jimbo List enjoys more than a good celebrity impression. Frank Caliendo’s John Madden, Tina Fey’s Sarah Palin, John Byner’s Ed Sullivan (take my word for it) – all superb. But I have a special place in my heart for impressions of famous people performed by other famous people. It bends reality one extra step. Here are some of my favorites.

Kevin Spacey as Christopher Walken

This was a classic SNL bit where they had Spacey and others pretend to be famous actors auditioning for a part in the original “Star Wars.” This is Spacey as Walken, auditioning for the part of Han Solo. It’s brilliant.

Matt Damon as Matthew McConaughey


I try not to miss Damon’s appearances on Letterman, because Dave invariably asks him to do his Matthew McConaughey impression.

Tony Curtis as Cary Grant


One of the best movie comedies of all time, “Some Like It Hot,” features Tony Curtis imitating Cary Grant’s voice in a number of scenes. Here’s a clip of Curtis talking about Grant, along with a snippet of “Some Like It Hot.” While it’s not the most precise Cary Grant impression on record, it’s still pure fun.

Jamie Foxx as Terrence Howard


What I love about this one is how spontaneous it is. It’s like overhearing a private conversation that happens to be about famous actors.

Rainn Wilson as John Krasinski


Fans of “The Office” will note that this comes after an earlier bit where Jim (Krasinski) imitates Dwight (Wilson). Not only is it hilarious, but it taps into the whole workplace-as-performance-space thing that happens at any normal office.

Andy Kaufman as Judd Hirsch


I’ve adored this “Taxi” moment for 30 years. Kaufman went about it in such a cool way, choosing to “be” Hirsch’s character, rather than sound like him.

So, what others are YOUR favorites?