7 Odd Men Out

It’s got to be a little maddening, being the odd man out. You know, the person hanging around in the background who seems slightly out of place? Sure, we’ve all felt that way at times ourselves. But some guys take it to an entirely different level. Here’s my Mount Rushmore of Odd Men Out.


You mean to tell me they couldn’t toss this guy ONE decent gimmick? Harpo gets the blonde curly wig and doesn’t talk, Chico has the thick accent, Groucho’s working the glasses and greasepaint mustache, and Zeppo gets zippo? He should have at least asked for an eye patch.


It’s not his fault that he’ll forever be compared with Curly, the greatest of the Three Stooges – but it is his fate. He’s essentially a bulkier, less angry version of Moe, and who wants that? Rule of thumb when buying a “best of” Stooges DVD: always check for Shemps.


Classic, classic odd men out. Any redshirt beaming down to a planet with Kirk and Spock was asking for a phaser to the thorax before the first commercial. Don’t phase me, bro!


By all accounts, a decent, gracious, inspiring human being, the older brother of Peyton and Eli Manning and son of Archie Manning also is an odd man out. He’s the only guy in his family who’s never been a starting quarterback in the NFL. What he HAS done is overcome a spinal problem that ended his football career in college.


You WANT to like it. You really WANT to. But do you? Come back to us, Don Corleone.


You’ve heard of  Tinker to Evers to Chance, the legendary Chicago Cubs double-play combination from the early 1900s? Well, Harry Steinfeldt was the Cubs infielder who wasn’t Tinker, Evers or Chance. He played third base.



Here’s our newest member. He’s the dude standing in the background of this photo who went AWOL during the first “Hangover” movie. Do they bring him back for the sequel? Yes. Do they let him join in all the raunchy mayhem? I think you know the answer.