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List of Top 10 Drok Amps

Review of Best Drok Amps

1. Power Amplifier Board, DROK 30W+30W Dual Channel 2.0 Audio Amplifier Kit Class AB DC 12V Digital Stereo Amp Module TDA7377 Car Amplify Circuit for Speakers System DIY

  • PARAMETER --- operating voltage DC 9V-18V, recommend DC 12V; max output power 2x35W (18V/4Ohm); can be connected 4~8 ohms speakers.
  • PROPERTY --- class AB, 2.0 dual channel.
  • INPUT METHOD --- 3.5mm audio cable input.
  • PROTECTION --- input reverse connection protection; short-circuit protection; over-current protection; over-temperature protection.
  • FEATURES --- volume adjustment knob; noble black immersion gold circuit board; KEMET speaker capacitor, large-capacity filter capacitor for channels; black copper terminal blocks; gold-plated audio input terminal blocks.

2. AC Display Meter, DROK 80-300V 100A Voltage Current Power Factor Frequency Electric Energy Monitor Ammeter Voltmeter Multimeter Tester 110V 220V Digital Color LCD Volt Amp Watt Detector Reader Panel

  • 6-IN-1 MULTIMETER --- detect and display voltage, current, active power, battery electric energy, power frequency and power factor on one interface.
  • MEASUREMENT RANGE --- voltage AC 80.0-300.0V; current 0-100A; power 0-30000W; Electric energy 0-99999kwh; frequency 45.0Hz-65.0Hz; power factor 0.00-1.00PF.
  • DISPLAY --- digital LCD color display.
  • DATA AUTO STORAGE --- when power off, the electric energy data will be stored and memorized automatically, can be reset.
  • NOTE --- this meter can only be used for measuring 50-60Hz pure AC city electricity, it will be damaged if used to measure square wave, inverter output or modified sine wave circuit.

3. Volt Amp Meter, DROK AC 500V 200A Digital Voltmeter Ammeter Panel, 0.39 Inches LED 2in1 Multimeter, 2-Wire Voltage Amperage Tester Gauge with Current Transformer

  • Measuring range -- DROK voltmeter ammeter voltage range is AC 130-500V, current range is 0-200A.
  • Clear color display -- the multimeter can clearly display voltage and current at the same time, red for voltage, green for current.
  • With precise CT -- DROK volt amperage meter is equipped with CT, no need to buy another. Can be installed on anywhere flexibly.
  • Simple connection -- the voltage ampere monitor gauge is powered by the circuit being measured, no need to connect extra power source.
  • Special design -- DROK volts amp tester is designed with built-in trimmer potentiometer, enable you to calibrate the meter easily. Back cover made it more safer to be used.

4. Audio Amplifier Board, DROK 5W+5W Mini Amplifier Board PAM8406 DC 5V Digital Stereo Power Amp 2.0 Dual Channel Class D Amplify Module for Speaker Sound System DIY

  • Parameters: DROK audio amplifier board working voltage is DC 5V, output power is 5W (2Ω 5V)/3W (4Ω 5V) / 1.8W (8Ω 5V). Input method is monaural input.
  • Artificial Material: this New-designed mini power amplifier is made of noble black immersion gold circuit board, imported KEMET speaker capacitor, large-capacity filter capacitor for channels. Besides, we customized black copper terminal blocks and gold-plated audio input terminal blocks for this new amplifier module.
  • High Performance: the digital amplifier module is with high efficiency of over 90%, general harmonic distortion noise is less than 10%, low quiescent current and noise suppression.
  • Safe Protection: the class D dual-channel amp board is designed with input reverse connection protection, short circuit protection, over heat protection; what's more, EMI is allowed to pass.
  • Additional Function: it is available to connect amplifier type to choose different function (MODE: high electricity level is Type D, low electricity level is Type AB. Factory defaults high electricity level); available to add an external Shutdown (SD: the chip will be Shutdown at low electricity level, factory default high electricity level.

5. Voltage Current Display, DROK DC 4.5-100V Digital Voltmeter Ammeter Multimeter Panel, 0-50A Volt Tester Meter Amp Detector, LED Voltage Amperage Monitor Gauge for Automotive Motor Battery

  • PARAMETER --- measuring voltage DC 4.5V-100V; current 0-50A.
  • APPLICATION --- monitoring storage battery, solar panel, model railroad, RV, motorcycle, house batteries, motor, etc.
  • DISPLAY --- 0.39'' crisp and bright LED screen displays voltage & current value.
  • CALIBRATION --- with voltage & current calibration potentiometer.
  • NOTE --- the shunt should be connected when wiring, otherwise the meter will be burnt.

6. Bidirectional Volt Amp Meter, DROK DC 0-90V 300A Voltage Current Battery Capacity Amp-Hour Watt-Hour Power Time 7-in-1 Monitor Tester Color LCD Display Multimeter with Hall Sensor 50cm Shielding Wire

  • 7-IN-1 MULTIMETER --- The panel tests and shows DC voltage (range: 0-90V), current (range: 0-300A), power, battery capacity, amp-hour, watt-hour and time simultaneously on its clear easy to read LCD color screen.
  • WIDE APPLICATION --- The multifunctional detector can be used as battery charge-discharge tester, meter for automobile and car battery, battery capacity monitor for photovoltaic system, voltage meter, current meter, power meter, etc. And will be much more convenient with the extra 1 meter shielding wire.
  • BIDIRECTIONAL AMMETER --- The multimeter can detect current in dual direction without changing the wiring direction when being used for monitoring charging or discharging.
  • SAFER USE --- With various protections: over-voltage protection, over-current protection, over-power protection, over-charged protection, time limitation, etc. It will be a safer tester for you to enjoy your work.
  • OTHER FEATURES --- LCD color display; AH power off memorized function; Time & AH resettable; Calibration function; Automatically/manually switch off LCD screen; Connect the volt amp meter to a relay to use the output control button to enable/disable output. NOTE: This multimeter doesn’t contain a relay.

7. DC Power Meter, DROK 6.5-100V 100A 12V 24V 36V 48V 60V 72V Volt Amp Watt Meter, LCD Display Multimeter Voltage Current Energy RV Battery Monitor Voltmeter Ammeter Wattmeter Panel with 100A Shunt

  • PARAMETER ---- voltage test range DC 6.5~100V; current test range 0~100A; power test range 0~10kw; battery level test range 0~9999kwh.
  • DATA GUARANTEED ---- with power-off storage function, all parameter will be stored automatically when powered off; accumulated energy data can be reset.
  • OVER-VOLTAGE ALARM & SETTABLE ALARM VOLTAGE ---- if active power is larger than threshold, backlight and power will flash as an indicator.
  • LARGE-SCREEN LCD ---- display voltage, current, power, energy at the same time.
  • SWITCHABLE BACKLIGHT ---- backlight can be turned on/off manually.

8. DROK-300043 Digital Multimeter USB 2.0, Multifunctional Electrical Tester, Capacity Voltage, Current Power Meter Detector Reader with Dual USB Ports, LED Display, 7 Modes

  • 7-MODE USB MONITOR ---- Voltage measuring range DC 3. 20~30. 0v; Current measuring range 0. 00~3. 00A (10A max); Other measuring parameters: Capacitance, power going to your phone/battery pack. With 7 mode, one button to operate.
  • MULTIFUCNTION ---- Can be used for capacitance checking, capacitance clear, over voltage and under voltage alarm, over-current, and short circuit alarm, easily test the power/quality of the chargers and USB cables.
  • DUAL USB OUTPUT ---- Two USB output available, can be used simultaneously. Output I: be used for device charging and data transfer; output II: only for charging mobile phones, tablet PCS and etc. Output I Support QC 2. 0 9V & 12V charging, but don't insert any device in Output II when using QC 2. 0 Charging.
  • DUAL COLOR LED ---- With red and blue dual bright color LED display, easy to monitor the charge voltage and current of digital USB devices to ensure the optimal charge rate.
  • 100% RISK-FREE SATISFACTION ---- DROK offer you 100% risk-free satisfaction to let you buy with confidence.

9. AC Current Meter, DROK 80-300V 100A Digital Multimeter Voltmeter Ammeter, LCD Display Voltage Amperage Detector Volt Amp Tester Monitor Gauge Panel with Current Transformer CT

  • DROK micro digital multimeter voltage measuring range AC 80-300V, current measuring range 0-100A, with high accuracy of 1%±2 digits.
  • Multifunctional meter -- Display voltage and current on the same screen with different color (red for voltage, green for current).
  • Simple connection – Powered by the circuit being measured, no need to connect extra power source.
  • With precise CT – No need to buy another CT. Can be installed on anywhere flexibly.
  • Note: The AC voltmeter current can only use for pure AC 50Hz-electric power supply.

10. DROK DR-US180076 Numerical Control Voltage Regulator DC 6-40V to 0-32V 5A Buck Converter, 24V 12V to 5V Constant Voltage Current Step Down Adjustable Output Power Supply

  • It is a DC 6-40v to 0-32V adjustable cc cv buck converter with Volt amp display, please note the input Voltage should be higher than output Voltage at least 1V
  • Numerical control: there are "-" button for decreasing output Voltage/current and output adjustment "+" for increasing output Voltage/current in setting mode
  • Dual LEDs accurately displays Volts and amps press the "off / on" button to turn on/off the output at no-load state, press "in" or "out " to switch between input current Voltage and output current Voltage
  • Constant current and constant Voltage indication: when the module is in the state of constant Voltage (cv) or constant current (cc), the cc or cv LED will light on
  • Store set value automatically: in operation process, the LED display state, output current and output Voltage setting value and output state will be automatically stored

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