Fez Hall of Fame

More than just a silly, cylindrical hat with a tassel, the fez is a personal statement. I’m just not sure what that statement is. It might be, “Hey, check out this crazy lid!” Or it might be, “People, I’m operating on a level of coolness you can’t possibly understand. Seriously.” Either way, one should always respect the fez.


As Mustafa, Dr. Evil’s henchman in the “Austin Powers” movies, Ferrell uses his peppy fez to full advantage.


Without the fez, he’s a squinty little dude. With the fez, he’s the world-famous partner of Secret Squirrel. Need I say more? Of course, there wouldn’t be a Morocco Mole without…


Greenstreet, a favorite here at The Jimbo List, famously wore a fez in “Casablanca,” one of the best movies with or without headgear.


Part of Matt Groening’s “Life in Hell” comic strip, Akbar and Jeff are hilariously enigmatic. They fight, they love, they worry, they accuse. In fezzes.


Here’s the situation in “Sons of the Desert.” Stan and Ollie want to go to a lodge convention in Chicago, but need to trick their wives in order to do so. The problem? The pesky newsreel that films them at the convention, in their lodge fezzes!


Members of this fraternal organization have worn their fezzes proudly for more than a century – most conspicuously when they drive their nutty little cars in parades.


It may not be regulation, but this animated Disney fez is more than a little jaunty.

So that’s my Fez Patrol. Who did I leave out?