Great Moments at Political Conventions – Or Not

Now that the Republican National Convention is over and the Democratic National Convention is starting up, it’s the perfect time to revisit some of the strangest moments that never happened at a political convention.

In 1996, Bill Clinton wanted to combine the Democratic convention with the MTV Summer Beach House

Two people were injured at the 1984 Republican convention when Ronald Reagan insisted on replacing the balloon drop with a jelly bean drop

Dan Quayle thought party platforms were actual pieces of lumber and showed up at the 1992 Republican convention with a carpenter’s belt and hammer.

John Edwards was late for his appearance at the 2004 Democratic convention because he was busy purging the last vestiges of his humanity.

The longest convention lip lock was not Al and Tipper Gore in 2000. It was William Howard Taft and a well-seasoned turkey leg in 1912.

Delegates to the 1968 Democratic convention received a gas mask and brass knuckles in their welcome bag.

At the request of Ulysses S. Grant, Jack Daniels was named an honorary delegate to the 1872 Republican convention.

Behind the scenes at the 1976 Democratic convention, Billy Carter lobbied for his brother to name him Secretary of Fermentation.

At the Whig Party convention of 1840, William Henry Harrison wanted to choose Theodore Freylinghuysen as his running mate, until he realized his campaign slogan would be “Tippecanoe and Freylinghuysen too.”

The Chicago Tribune mistakenly reported that Thomas Dewey won the nomination at the 1948 Democratic convention.

Actor Clint Eastwood performed a rambling improvisation to an empty chair at the 2012 Republican convention – oh wait, that one really happened.

Let’s see if the Democrats will add to The List!