IKEA Product Names I’d Like to See

Any IKEA fan will tell you that one of the odd pleasures of shopping there is reading the names of the many, many items on display. The vast majority of them are Swedish names of people and places. Naturally, it’s the sort of thing the staff of The Jimbo List loves to ponder. Here are some new IKEA products you won’t be seeing any time soon.

PLOPSKA – Bean bag chair

HELMUTT – Bike helmet for dogs


BILLY IDOL – Shelves for hair gel products

BLERN – Blender


BILLY CRYSTAL – Shelves for comedy awards

TIPSY-GO-ROUND – Corkscrew

PHTT – Bottle opener

BILLY GRAHAM – Shelves for religious statuary

SHEESH – Multi-purpose tool for putting together IKEA items

See you at the lingonberry counter!